Things to do on Wonderful Waiheke island

Waiheke Island; only 35 minutes from downtown Auckland, yet a place of its own.  It can make a perfect day trip or even a weekend away, no need to buy a plane ticket (unless you get there via seaplane). It really is a beautiful island with breathtaking views overlooking the Hauraki Gulf.

Having previously Worked on Waiheke Island it came with its perks; discovered over 10 beaches both tourist hot spots and hidden beaches that only locals know about. There is so much to do on the Island both free and not free, why not plan your next holiday here!  it’s not just about Vineyards and Wine, there’s so much more to the Island.

There are many beaches to visit, and working here I’ve even found hidden beaches that are not packed with tourists, and beaches that are tourist hot spots. In the summer months the water is warmer which attracts micro jellyfish and Sea lice, always look for signs before jumping in.

  • Palm Beach
  • Onetangi
  • Owhanake Beach
  • Sandy Bay
  • Oneroa Bay
  • Enclosure Bay
  • Whakanewha Regional Park
  • Garden Cove
  • Man O’war Bay
  • Little Oneroa
  • Shelly Beach
    Hidden Beaches
  • Cactus Bay
  • Hooks Beach
  • Garden Cove

There’s more than just beaches on Waiheke:

  • Hop On Hop Off explorer: See all the island hot spots, hop-off whenever you like and hop back on to your next destination.
  • Island walking tour: if you love to walk, explore the island on foot through native forests and even see wildlife you never see in the city.
  • Eco Zip: enjoy a short walk through the forest and zip line through the treetops and over vineyards of Waiheke Island
  • Jet Ski/ Kayak: discover the island on the ocean, hire  jet ski or kayak for the day and take a tour around Waiheke Islands coastline, if you’re in luck you’ll even see whales and Dolphins
  • Explore the island: hire a rental car, scooter, Segway, bike or even a horse for a day and be adventurous!
  • Island art walking tour: walk along the coast and take in amazing art and structures by locals and international artists.

The Island also has cute markets, restaurants, and friendly locals who are always willing to help with any need in the town of Oneroa

If you’re planning to stay for more then 1 day, check out for properties to rent out from 1 day onwards, any property to suit your budget, from cute villas to luxurious properties.

“Discovery is looking at the same thing through different perspectives”