Kiwi Business Instagrammers you should follow

Social media is the new way to network with one another these days. It’s now a platform for you to connect with people from all over the world and support and empower one another.

Here are a few accounts that I follow, I know most of these girls personally and definitely deserve a follow.

Picnic Soirees

In New Zealand, we are spoilt with such stunning locations everywhere we go, from our very own backyards to parks and beaches. Aroha from Picnic Soirees utilises these locations to create lux boho picnic set-ups which are 100% insta-worthy. Being a mother doesn’t stop her from doing what she loves.
Instagram: Picnic_Soirees

Covered lil cookie

Who doesn’t love biscuits, better yet if they look aesthetically pleasing before you eat them, because at the end of the day you eat with your eyes first right?. With unique skills and paying intricate attention to detail and also an eye for creativity, she always puts her skills to good use. Samirah has always wanted to start something for herself, with the support of close ones around her she was able to bring her vision to reality.
*Note* not taking any 2020 orders
Instagram: covered.lil.cookie

Veenas Cakery

Veena is an Auckland based self-taught baker and cake decorator, creating individually hand styles cakes and cupcakes for any special occasion you may have. 
Instagram: veenas_cakery

Honey Bunny Bows

A stunning mother of a beautiful daughter, Husnaa started a home business of selling carefully handcrafted headbands and clips for her little one, this motivated her to start her own business ‘Honey Bunny Bows’. Her work is amazing, paying careful attention to every detail. Be sure to check out her work.
Instagram: honeybunny_bows

Macaron Heaven & Co

Eman specialises in hand-crafted unique dessert experiences; creating delicious french macarons, cookies, cookie cakes, and high-end dessert cups. Her work is of a high standard and they taste as good as they look.
Instagram: macaronheaven

Fit generation apparel 

I have had the pleasure of connecting and meeting Veronika via Instagram. She is the co-founder of Fit generation apparel with her Husband. What the brand stands for, and the meaning behind it is truly inspiring. It’s all about defying the norms especially for us hijabi Muslim women who struggle to live a healthier active lifestyle without compromising on our faith and values. What Fit Generation apparel has created is a product as well as a platform for all to come together and empower one another to live a healthier lifestyle.
Instagram: fitgenerationapparel

Preserved Identity

A social enterprise making an impact on those in Palestine. When asked why did you start a social enterprise and your motive behind it? Her response was simple “It stems from always having a deep-rooted connection to Palestine and being passionate about the cause and wanting to bring awareness and education, it’s the need to have a Palestinian voice and identity present. Getting frustrated and upset seeing what is happening in Palestine created a need to do something about it, turning that passion into something that can make a difference at a humanitarian level”
Instagram: preservedidentity

Indian Delicacies

Ever craved Burfi that’s not the usual milk flavour? Now you can try Oreo flavoured Barfi and even better bubblegum flavoured. Selling homemade delicious sweets and snacks for weddings, family celebrations or any other occasion. Freshly made to order.
Instagram: indian.delicacies

Savory sweet treats 

Pies, dessert cups, you name it, Savory sweet treats offer delicious sweets and savories that are made to order, check out what she has on offer
Instagram: savory_sweet_treats

Mariam Bahar

Mariam is a badass hijabi CrossFit athlete and a mum who defies the norms. She competes in local CrossFit competitions she is so inspirational and motivational. Give her a follow as she shares her workouts with her followers.  
Instagram: mari_yoomi

Cakes by MK

Maryam’s cakes are aesthetically pleasing as her Instagram account. Her cakes are amazing and the finish is of such a high quality
Facebook :

Finding something that makes you happy and brings out the passionate entrepreneurial side in you is all about trial and error, you have to accept that some things won’t work for you, or people who you love won’t support you with your crazy ideas that you may have, but that’s ok! At least you gave it a go. 

Many of the Instagrammers. Businesses above are run by mum or full-time workers, but their passion for what they love to do is found through the support of the people around them. There will be people who are not happy with what you’re doing but you have to not think about others and just do what you want to do, follow your passions. It’s these sort of situations that motivate and drive you to be successful.

If you have a dream and a passion to do something, Just do it! No matter how bizarre your idea sounds to others, it’s always worth it.

“The things you regret most in your life are the risks you never took”

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