Kiwi hijabis to follow on Instagram

Over the last few years, modest fashion is becoming one of the main talking points on social media and in particular Instagram. 

In 2017, The stunning Halima Aden became the first-ever hijabi-wearing model after walking at New York fashion week for Yeezy. Other popular hijabi influencers; Dina Tokio, Habiba Da Silva, Sabina Hannan, Maria Alia to name a few have really paved the way for hijabis on a global scale by breaking down negative stereotypes often associated with Islam through their unique creative flare that inspires and empowers all women to embrace who they are.

Now speaking of flare, did you know New Zealand also has a few badass fashionistas and hijabis?

A lot of the time through social we don’t get to know enough about someone. Through the Power of social media, I was able to connect with all these lovely ladies and asked them 3 questions, What they do, where they’re from and who is their Inspiration. 

Now let’s meet these amazing ladies and get to know more about them

Aafia Imran

 What I do
It’s been one year since I’ve graduated from my Bachelor in Computing systems, shortly after I had got my foot into an amazing company called Xero. I am super grateful to be working for Xero – I  currently work full time as a Technical Specialist assisting my customers with any technical issues. If I could describe my role I would say that I work like glue; I communicate with many teams helping solve challenging customer queries and technical issues. My job is constantly challenging me to do better, which I have found requires a lot of thinking on your feet even when you do not know the answer! It gets tough at times, however, it means I am always growing in order to find the best solutions for my customers.

In my spare time, I love to be with my family and friends, volunteering in the community and taking photos. I also have a strong passion for makeup and fashion. Along with this, I often find myself thrilled when it comes to interacting and engaging with new people, helping empower women as well as channeling my love for food and cooking.

Where I’m from
I was born in Pakistan and raised in New Zealand. So, I am a “Pakiwi” (Pakistani Kiwi). I love my people back at home, the culture and food are at the basis of everything that identifies me as a Pakistani. Bringing that background into a country such as New Zealand has empowered me greatly. I can not begin to express my gratitude towards residing in such a beautiful country with diverse people.

Who my inspiration is
I find inspiration in a variety of people and things. Although it may sound cliché, my main source of inspiration is my father. He has worked so hard for his family no matter what – he has taught me so much and always believed in me even when I was so confident about leaving high school at the age of 15 telling him I want to do computing. I learned my work ethic from him and that I am never too late to learn something new and push out of my comfortable. My father is well respected and has a personality type that can connect with many different types of people. He is constantly trying to make everyone smile and laugh – I aspire to be like that.

Zubaida Jawadi

What I do 
I am a health science graduate and I’m currently working at MECCA Maxima as a host with a goal to become a makeup artist in the future. A few people may think it’s just an ordinary retail job but it’s definitely far from that! I’ve always had a huge passion for makeup and skincare so it’s pretty exciting to get the opportunity to share that passion with others. In saying that, I am still searching for my niche in the healthcare field and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for me Insha’Allah.

Where I’m from 
I was born in Iraq and moved to New Zealand along with my family when I was just 8 years old.

Who my inspiration is 
I find everything around me an inspiration! When it comes to fashion, I’m inspired byWithLoveLeena (Leena Snoubar), FashionWithFaith (Imane Asry), or anyone with a fashion taste that is out of the norm! I love picking up inspiration from fashion pieces that are unique, classic, and timeless. I’m also inspired by the women in my family- we all have different tastes in fashion so I’m often getting inspiration from them too!

I’m also inspired by people who express their creativity through makeup. I find it thrilling to see that there is so much freedom to transform yourself into anything that comes from your imagination!

Both makeup and fashion trends are continuously changing and evolving every day so there’s always new inspirational looks to look forward to in the future or to draw inspiration from classic trends from the past.

Zubaida is still in the beginning stages of her journey, her aim is to empower and influence women in New Zealand’s Muslim community to feel confident to express themselves creatively and freely through fashion, makeup or anything that makes them feel their best.

 Fatima Zahra

What I do 
I’m a student doing a BA at UOA. I also love makeup, photography, art, and anything to do with design

Where I’m from
I’m from Iraq originally but been living here since I was 5

Who my inspiration is 
My inspiration is my mum she’s such a hard worker and I’d be nowhere without her. My other all-time inspo would also be women in general. We are so amazing and so powerful when we come together and support one another.

Fatima not only has as amazing Instagram account, but she also has a photography and a digital art page, her talent is incredible, she is definitely one to watch

Zainab Mustafa

What I do
I’m a full-time university student at AUT – studying a bachelor’s International hospitality majoring in Event management. I’m on a journey towards discovering my own personal style and so often — I’m always mixing and matching different items of clothing to then piece together different looks. Something I’m into nowadays is learning about chic casual wear, the different ways to pull a modest look in them and something I’m definitely interested in!

Where I’m from
Culturally I’m half Pakistani and half Samoan. Born in NZ but raised in Sydney Australia. Recently moved to Auckland and so now I consider NZ home!

Who my inspiration is
I think it’s hard to say because of my goals. The things I want to achieve and the places I want to go to, I don’t know any who has done exactly what I want to do. So I would say instead, that I aspire to be my best self.

Zainab is also the Brand Ambassador and sales rep for Heiress Hijabs, how rad is that.


Mother of 2 beautiful girls, wife to an amazing man, dabbling with business and entrepreneurship.
What I do
Mumming, running my small business and blogging through Instagram.
My Instagram; zestfullyeman is about my journey of personal development. I’m hoping to inspire others along the way by sharing what I’m learning.

Where I’m from
I’m Australian, Sudanese

Who my inspiration is 
I’m inspired by all the amazing Muslim women doing amazing things, people that I get to connect with through Instagram from around the world.
Eman also runs Macaron heaven & co, she specialises in hand-crafted unique dessert experiences; creating delicious french macarons, cookies, cookie cakes, and high-end dessert cups. Her work is of a high standard and they taste as good as they look


What I do
I work in the field of criminal defence and human rights law. I am also undertaking post-grad studies in law. I grew up in an environment that really encouraged and inspired my passion for Human rights law, activism, advocacy and change. I most definitely got that passion from my grandfather who was a human rights lawyer and advocate. 

Who my inspiration is
I think for me inspiration stems from many things, one being people passionately advocating for justice and change. Whether it be for something that’s considered to be small all the way to a global movement, I think what it really comes down to is good people with good hearts and good intentions – that’s what drives justice and change and that’s a form of inspiration for me. But my biggest inspiration and motivation in life definitely comes from my parents, grandparents, my siblings and the encouraging family members I am blessed to have around me.

Mariam Bahar

What I do 
I am a high school teacher, I teach mathematics. I am also a mother of two beautiful children.
I also do Crossfit, it’s a passion of mine and I document my journey on Instagram.

Where I’m from 
I am from Sri Lanka.  My parents migrated to New Zealand when I was 10, so I pretty much grew up here.

Who my Inspiration is
I am inspired by all the women in my life and who I have the opportunity to meet. I like to take the good in everyone I see and apply it somehow to my own life.

I also believe women are strong and that is something we should not be afraid of- embracing our inner strength or the strength Allah has given us.

Mariam is also a cross-fit athlete and a mom who defies the norms and believes that breaking stereotypes and cultural expectations are challenging and still an ongoing challenge for her.

Veronika Edali

What I do
I’m a co-founder of an activewear and lifestyle brand Fit Generation Apparel and an Actors’ Agency Fourth Wall, photographer, and a content creator. Business highlights:

Where I’m from
I’m originally from Russia and I moved to New Zealand 10 years ago at the age of 15, all by myself.

Who is my inspiration
I find inspiration in many people in my life including myself. My husband inspires me by how compassionate and kind he is. He is also the greatest father to our boy and he’s loving, caring and nurturing nature inspires me. My mum’s strength inspires me. My son, his curiosity and how he finds joy in the simplest of things inspire me. Jasmine Star is a public figure who’s work ethic and perseverance inspire me. Our prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the greatest inspiration to me. Finally, I try to strive towards becoming the best version of myself and find inspiration in what I do daily which in term motivates me to keep going!

Sarah Najm

What I do 
I’m currently in my last year of high school (Year 13) and I’m a librarian at my school as well as my class representative. I don’t have a current job so that I can put all my focus on my school work.

Where I’m from 
I’m very mixed but the basic is: Egyptian and Syrian

Who my inspiration is 
I’m very much into health and fitness I even have a health account (@saturdayswithsarah) I just love to workout at the gym as well as do yoga and eat nutritious home-cooked meals since I’m also obsessed with cooking! I love making many different dishes. My favourite is Jerk Chicken with rice and peas, one of my close friends told me about that.

As well as being into health and fitness, Sarah also loves art, painting as that is her way of showing emotion, it puts her at peace and she really enjoys it.

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“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness”

Oprah Winfrey