Halal restaurants in Auckland

Finding a decent halal place that’s not kebabs in Auckland can be such a mission. Here is a list of places for that weekly night out! (Restaurant names have direct links to their website)

Di Mare- Steak and Seafood House
If you’re looking for a halal place to go fine dining. I would recommend Di Mare steakhouse. Tucked down an alleyway in Parnell you would feel like you’re in Italy. Steak is cooked to perfection and their pasta is just to die for. (Disclaimer, The menu on the website has not been updated, they DO NOT have pork on the menu, also book before you go)

Halal Indian food

Sandringham Road
If you’re looking for Indian food at any time, the place to go is Sandringham road with restaurants with great Indian food. Satya, Bawarchi, and Paradise. Sandringham road also has a hidden chai lounge, with the best chai I’ve had.

1947 eatery
Traditional food with a modern twist. 1947 never seems to disappoint. The food, the atmosphere, friendly staff what more could you ask for! or, check out their sister restaurant V.T Station in New Market

Mumbaiwalla Indian street food.
probably the best thing they have on the menu is their masala chai, which has the perfect ginger kick to it!

Halal Thai, Chinese, Malaysian

Chamate restaurant
Another restaurant in the heart of Auckland city. It’s not often you find halal Chinese food, but now you can with Auckland’s newest restaurant. Be sure to book a table to avoid disappointment.

If you’re looking for halal dumplings in Auckland, definitely check out Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu Noodle House, situated on upper Queen street and on Dominion road.

My dear eatery,
Located on High street, My dear eatery did not disappoint, the taste if their food was amazing, I do recommend booking in advance as this location is quite small

Mamak Malaysian Restaurant In the heart of the city, In chancery square, some of the best Malaysian food I’ve had. Affordable and Delicious.
PappaRich. With a branch both in Auckland city and Sylvia park be sure to check out.

Auckland isn’t shy of a fair amount of halal Thai restaurants, a cuisine you can never really get sick of. Nickies, Monsoon Poon, (not everything is halal, ask the waiter what is) and Mix Moon (The best Pad Thai I’ve had) are amazing and delicious

Halal Middle Eastern / Turkish Cuisine 

Bodrum kitchen located in New Lynn, NorthWest, and Mission Bay, and their other friend Deco eatery in Titirangi
Arabesque: Located in the middle ok K’ road you can find yourself at an Egyptian restaurant which I 100% support, when visiting, I would recommend trying their Mix Grill and Basbousa (Semolina cake For dessert)
Cafe Midnight Express, If you’re looking for halal steak in Auckland, this is the place!
Feriza’s: besides the stunning Wynyard Quarter, highly recommend their slow-cooked lamb, melt in your mouth amazingness!
khanz: If you love steak for the main and Knafeh for dessert (YUMMY!). Khanz will not disappoint.

Ima Cuisine: Located on Fort St, Auckland City

Ponsonby International food court
The cuisine of the world in 1 place, what more could you want, Malaysian, Laos, Indian, and Bali cuisine. The best and the worst thing is making a decision about what to eat
Wicked Chicken The closest thing we’re gonna be getting to KFC!
Pizza ClubPizza, who doesn’t love Pizza, and the best is at Pizza Club located all over Auckland, if you’re wondering if Pizza Club is halal, Yes it is! it is, if your unsure you can always call up and check with them?

For your convenience, I have also split out restaurants based on where they are located:
Halal places in Central Auckland
Halal places in West Auckland
Halal places in East Auckland
Halal places in North Auckland
Halal places in South Auckland

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