Top 50 Auckland Beaches to Visit This Summer

Auckland Beaches, are indeed stunning beaches both white sanded and Black. They are all so different and picturesque in their own unique ways. From Pakiri in the north to Maraetai in South Auckland. Here are 50 of Auckland’s many many beaches.

White Sand beaches

  • Tawharanui Peninsula. There is only 1 word to describe this beach WOW. Almost an hour out of Auckland heading north on SH1 you will come across this stunning beach on the east coast. The drive up is long and in summer be prepared for traffic and windy roads but it’s so worth it.
  • Pakiri Beach: On the other side of Tawharanui you will find yourself at yet another stunning white sand beach; Pakiri, you can even ride a horse at this beach!
  • Orewa Beach: 3km of golden sand! 35 minutes North of downtown Auckland (depending on traffic) is  stunning beach town of Orewa, 

Black sand beaches

  • Muriwai: This rugged landscape is best known for its Gannet colony, but if you like surfing, this is the perfect beach to hit the waves at 
  • Piha: One of the best-known west coat beaches, also known for surfing, but remember always swim between the flags 
  • Kariotahi: 1 hour south of Auckland near castaways resort is this hidden gem, not very well known 
  • Bethells beach: Another perfect west coast beach for surfing, but if you’re not into that head to lake Wainamu, or go sliding down the Bethells sand dunes  
  • Karekare: it’s remote and the landscape is dramatic, to say the least, and just a short walk from this beach, you will find yourself at Karekare falls
  • Awhitu: Staying with the theme of west coast beaches, Awhitu Peninsula, where the west coast meets and eastern bays, you can also drive to the end of the Peninsula to the Manukau heads lighthouse. 

Other beaches

Auckland is full of beaches close to the city . When driving to, for example Tawharanui, along the way you will discover 10 small beaches that are all worth checking out 

Central Auckland beaches

  • Mission Bay 
  • Waiheke Island 
  • St Heliers
  • Devonport
  • Takapuna Beach
  • Cheltenham Beach 
  • Narrow neck Beach 
  • Milford Beach
  • Campbells Bay Beach 
  • Mairangi Bay Beach
  • Murrays Bay Beach
  • Browns Bay Beach
  • Waiake Bay Beach
  • Long Bay Beach
  • Pohutukawa Bay
  • Point Chev beach 

North Auckland beaches

  • Shakespeare beach
  • Army Bay 
  • Tindalls Bay
  • Manly Beach 
  • Matakatia Beach
  • Stanmore Bay 
  • Red Beach 
  • Hatfield Beach 
  • Waiwera Beach 
  • Wenderholm Regional Park 
  • Mahurangi Beach 
  • Buckleton Beach 
  • Omaha Beach 
  • Forestry Beach 

East/South Auckland beaches

  • Maraetai Beach 
  • Buckland Beach 
  • Orere point beach 
  • Whitford beach 
  • Cockle Bay 
  • Howick beach
  • Mellons
  • Musick Point (Hidden Gem)
  • Karaka Bay 
  • Kohimarama Beach
  • Clarks Beach 
  • Mosquito Beach (Not actual mosquito’s)
  • Shelly Beach 

**NOTE** some beaches may be contaminated and not safe for swimming, please check on swim safe website beforehand

An ocean breeze puts the mind at ease